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Intonation Contours of Communicative Types of Sentences

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Natalya Sukhova
NUST "MISIS", Lomonosov MSU
The course aims at facilitating the off-line classes. Its contents cover the prosodic characteristics of different types of communicative sentences. To master the prosodic contours of each type is an important endeavor to keep a professional phonetic profile for a future teacher of English or for anybody who would like to sound as/ or close to a native speaker. By training those types of utterances we: 1) role play authentic contexts (interrogating, talking, highly emotional discourses, etc.); 2) practise definite prosodic contours (all terminal tones and different heads).

Урок: Intonation Contours of Statements in English

План курса:

  1. Statements (categoric/ non-categoric). Their prosodic contours: categoric – falling; non-categoric – rising. Revision of Falling tones. Tasks.
  2. Questions (general, special, alternative, disjunctive). Their prosodic contours. Revision of Rising Tones. Tasks.
  3. Imperatives (commands, orders, warnings). Their prosodic contours.Revision of Fall-Rise.Tasks.
  4. Exclamations, interjections. Their prosodic contour. Revision of Rise-Fall. Tasks.
  5. Phatic utterances (greeting, farewell, apology, gratitude, vocatives). Revision. Test.
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