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Practical Bioinformatics for Biologists

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Konstantin Okonechnikov
Max Planck Institute For Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany
The course will provide introduction to the field of bioinformatics with a focus on sequence analysis. Main goal of the course is to teach biologists how to effectively solve real research problems using open-source bioinformatics tools. The discussed topics will include pattern search, homology analysis, alignment, phylogenetic analysis and others. The solution of the problems will be mostly demonstrated using a free bioinformatics toolkit Unipro UGENE that integrates a variety of well-known tools and algorithms within a unified easy-to-use interface.

Урок: Practical bioinformatics for biologists. Introduction.

План курса:

  1. Introduction to practical bioinformatics.
    About the course. Bioinformatics. Why open-source? Introducing UGENE. First practical task.
  2. Working with sequences: Data formats and databases.
    Data formats. Fasta,Genbank and others.Organizing the data. Accessing sequence databases.
  3. Working with sequences: visualization and basic analysis.
    Visualize DNA, RNA and proteins. Editing sequences. Searching patterns.
  4. Working with sequences: more advanced analysis.
    Smith-Waterman. BLAST. Repeat finder. Searching for TFBS.
  5. From computer to wet laboratory.
    Restriction sites. Primer search. PCR and cloning in silico.
  6. Multiple sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees.
    Editing and creating alignments. Multiple alignment algorithms. Building trees.
  7. Constructing workflows.
    Computational workflows. Designing workflows. From simple to complex. Integrating new tools.
  8. High Throughput Sequencing.
    Short read alignment. Specific technologies.
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