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Linear Algebra: Problems and Methods

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Nikolay Gusev
The goal is to help learning building blocks of linear algebra: concepts and tricks, how to use them to solve problems. The format of the course will be "learn by doing".

Урок: Linear Spaces

План курса:

  1. Linear spaces.
  2. Linear maps.
  3. Rank of matrix. Determinants.
  4. Systems of linear equations.
  5. Subspaces.
  6. Linear transformations. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
  7. Bilinear and quadratic forms.
  8. Inner product spaces.
  9. Adjoint operators and transformations.
  10. Decompositions of matrices (LU, QR, SVD).
  11. Cayley-Hamilton theorem, Jordan Normal Form.
  12. Tensors, polyvectors and differential forms.
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