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Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management

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Michael Allakhverdov
Saint-Petersburg State University
Conflict is an essential part of our life. However most of us feel frightened by it. This course is aimed to show how to behave in conflict situations, how to minimize its' negative impact on our lives. Can we resolve conflict efficiently without losing a lot of nerves? This course is oriented on practice. After the course completion a participant will be able to analyze parties' interests in conflict and to resolve almost any conflict so that all parties are satisfied.

Урок: Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management

План курса:

  1. Theory of Conflict
    This section is introductory and gives basic information on conflict.
    1. What is a Conflict?
    2. Is conflict good or bad?
    3. Reasons for Conflict
    4. Conflict Development
    5. Conflict Functions
  2. Cognitive Attitudes in Conflict
    This section is on how people perceive conflict situations.
    1. G. Kelly and Personal Constructs
    2. Cognitive Therapy and model A-B-C
    3. Facts - Interpretations - Evaluations
    4. Cognitive Dissonance
    5. A little bit on intrapersonal conflict
  3. Communication in Conflict
    This sections is aimed to give practical advises on effective communication.
    1. Types of Communication
    2. Communicative Patterns
    3. E. Berne and Transactions
    4. Effective Communication Techniques
    5. Verbal vs. Nonverbal Communication
  4. Analyzing a conflict
    This section teaches to analyze conflict and find out what a person really wants as a result of the conflict situation.
    1. Interests vs. Positions
    2. Conflict of opposing values
    3. Discovering Interests
    4. Analyzing Risks of Failed Resolution
    5. Preparing for Negotiations
  5. Conflict Resolution
    This section describe different ways to resolve a conflict, discussing each method's strengths and weaknesses.
    1. Behavior Patterns
    2. Assertive Behavior
    3. Integrative Solutions
    4. Manipulation
    5. Resisting Manipulation
    6. Finally, getting what you want
  6. Types of conflict
    This section describes specifics of conflicts in different areas.
    1. Family Conflicts
    2. Business Conflicts
    3. Political Conflicts
    4. Cross-cultural and Ethnic Conflicts
    5. Interpersonal Conflicts
    6. Multiparty Conflicts
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