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Games for Teaching Foreign Languages

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Alina Alekseeva
Novosibirsk National Research State University
This course is aimed for foreign language teachers. It gives practical material for making lessons more interesting and efficient. The described games can be used both for groups and individual students, children and adults. There are games for grammar and vocabulary practice, speaking and listening comprehension skills, writing skills. These games and activities were tested during lessons with little children (under 7), pupils of all ages, university students (17-22) and adults (25-50+).

Урок: Games for Teaching Foreign Languages

План курса:

  1. Grammar games and tasks
    This section includes games and activities for training grammar skills.
    1. Activities for beginners: games
    2. Activities for beginners: grammar through reading and writing
    3. Activities for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels: games
    4. Activities for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels: grammar through reading and writing
  2. Vocabulary games and tasks
    In this section future teachers will learn how to facilitate the process of enlargement of their students' vocabulary.
    1. Vocabulary card games
    2. Games and activities for learning idioms
    3. Learning vocabulary through reading
    4. Learning vocabulary through writing
  3. Reading comprehension skills
    This section will provide information about principles of a written text perception and methods of developing comprehension skills.
    1. How to choose (or make) a text for reading comprehension
    2. Grammar and lexical analysis as parts of reading comprehension
    3. Composition, plot and system of characters analysis
    4. Detective games based on reading texts
  4. Listening comprehension skills
    This section is about reasons of bad results in listening comprehension tests and different activities for training listening comprehension skills.
    1. Why our students "can't hear anything"
    2. Textbooks listening comprehension tasks: how to make them more interesting
    3. Songs as a source of listening comprehension tasks
    4. TED presentations: why to use them and how
    5. Films during lessons: how to choose and what tasks to make
  5. Speaking skills
    Here listeners will get some ideas on how to break so called "language barrier", which is a problem for many students.
    1. Review of the existing games for speaking skills training
    2. Simplest games with a ball and cards
    3. Role plays and "drama club"
    4. Psychological and business trainings as a source of speaking skills games
  6. Writing skills
    The materials of this section can be used to train writing skills.
    1. Posters projects for beginners
    2. Private letters through role plays
    3. Business letters through role plays
    4. "The Man Booker Prize" game
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